Spotlight Interview: Howard J Ford

Howard J Ford has been there, seen it, done that and flown halfway around the world in the process too.  He’s a film producer, writer, director and in early 2024 finished his 11th feature film.  It seems nothing can stop him.  During the pandemic, he gathered his tools together and ventured out to make a film flying solo becoming camera, sound, producer, director and more!

He’s never on a break, but we were lucky enough to have him pop into the studios to share some of the top tips that help keep him going. With so much experience under his belt, you simply need to listen in.

Spotlight Interview: Intimacy Coordinator

What is an intimacy coordinator, what do they do, how do you land a job like that and who needs one? David Thackeray joins us in the studio to talk through the ins and outs of this fairly new, but crucial role to supportive filmmaking that can only bring the best out of your artists.

From boundaries, to red zones, consent to walking young actors through their first intimate on set, David shares some of the challenges and successes of the sensitive approach to supporting actors at every step of the production.

Keep Young And Beautiful

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Spotlight Interview: Crowd Funding

Aficionados Peter Storey and Grace O’Keefe from Greenlit talk about how best to approach people when asking them to ‘Show Me The Money!’… They take crowdfunding to the next level in order to help filmmakers get funding for their projects.  Breaking down how to generate a seamless end-to-end process from pre-planning, and marketing campaigns to the resulting funding itself,  they share tips about getting the money you need. This one is so worth a watch – now

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