The Soho London Independent Film Festival (SohoLIFF) Audience Choice Awards Terms & Conditions.

• All films in the January 2024 SohoLIFF are eligible for entry.
• The competition can be voted for by anyone who purchased a ticket via the Entertainment Oxygen App. You will need an account there to vote.
• Voting will be open from the film’s live screening until midday on Sunday 28th January 2024.
• Only one vote per ticket is allowed.
• Votes will be counted and announced at the Awards Ceremony on Sunday 28th January 2024.
• The winner’s prize is the chance to get promotion for their film shown on Clear Channel’s ‘Storm’ digital screens, for up to 5 hours, in prime London locations. More information about the prize can also be seen here.
• Decisions will be independently taken around anything politically sensitive, by the festival and their partners.
• We retain the right to withdraw ourselves from any association with the film which could have a negative impact on the festival and its partners.
• The winning poster will also include SohoLIFF branding.
• General Clear Channel Terms & Conditions can be found on their website here
• Please note: (i) any advertising media given by Clear Channel and their partners shall be unsold / void media space at Clear Channel’s discretion as pre-agreed; (ii) the supply of any advertising media shall be subject to and governed by their General Terms and Conditions of Contract (as per the below link); and (iii) all advertising copy shall comply with their Specifications.

For more information contact us: info@soholiff.co.uk

SohoLIFF, 75 Dean Street, Soho, London, W1D 3SQ